Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New suite! and more updates!

Okay so they fixed the suites to be just like the me doll editor. I think Stardoll is becoming more modern and in by the day! I think it's good that they're updating the site by fixing the site part by part but there are flaws to this part by part reconstruction... For example... Sometimes you can't comment on dolls and it says, "Be the first to comment on this doll!" I support this upating of the site! I really understand their position with the flaws and side effects as a script writer... css... html... flash... It sometimes may be hard. Sacrifices must be done for really good codes... In other news.... IT'S QUEENSDAY! Erm... Well atleast that's what they say :D Animal lovers, the biggest club in stardoll was deleted.. Or so I think...Rebel prom and I guess that's it... OMG! NOT YET! There are currently 29, 906, 280 members in stardoll! Do you think there's gonna be a lottery? Oh yeh and the free dress that you can get... Fallen Angel, Pretty In Pink, Voile or something else... It's in email btw. Not sure if it's old :D I think it is! Please tell me if this was helpful or not by following this site and hopefully you can also join my clubs!

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